Aisling Nagel

Aisling is passionate about the power of education to open doors and create opportunities for all children to reach their full potential. While her primary focus is early childhood, Aisling’s interests also include social and emotional learning, leadership development and cradle-to-career alignment. She brings expertise in evaluation design, qualitative and quantitative methods and data visualization to research and evaluation projects across the region.

Aisling holds a Master’s in economics from Princeton University and a BA in applied mathematics and economics from the University of California, Berkeley. When she’s not at the office, you can find her playing in the leaves with her toddler and preschooler, dancing around the kitchen to the Hamilton soundtrack, or curled up with a library book with the cat in her lap.

I love working with data, but what good are numbers in isolation? It is so exciting to see the tangible ways in which students, schools, and communities are benefiting from Education Northwest’s efforts and to contribute to this mission.

Research and Evaluation Advisor


Areas of Work: