Ashley Pierson

Ashley conducts research and evaluation projects and provides technical assistance to support the use of data and evidence in policy and practice. Her current work includes developing definitions of college, career, and cultural readiness with the Alaska State Policy Research Alliance and conducting a study of dual-credit options for the Oregon College and Career Readiness Alliance.

Translating data into useful information that improves education is my calling. At Education Northwest, all of my projects are strongly connected to regional needs and priorities and I am able to conduct and disseminate policy-relevant research.

Senior Researcher – Policy & Analytics


Areas of Work: 

Blog Posts

Connecting a Principal’s Background to Student Success


April 14th, 2015

Recognition is growing that school factors play a role in student success. One of the key school factors is the principal, and many believe that the success of principals is related, in part, to their educational background and professional experience. However, district leaders don’t have all the...

Expanding Postsecondary and Career Readiness in Rural Areas


January 28th, 2015

On Monday, I spent the afternoon on Eastern Oregon University’s campus in La Grande. I was there with a colleague to present at a board meeting of Eastern Promise, an innovative program designed to increase the college-going culture of schools in Eastern Oregon and increase access for high school...