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Common Planning Time

Increase the amount of time regularly provided to teachers for common planning and collaboration during the school day, without decreasing the amount of time provided to teachers for individual planning and preparation during the school day.

Finding Time for Professional Development

Reform requires a long-term developmental process in which teachers focus on changing their own practice. This issue explores the vital concern of how to carve out time, opportunity, and other resources teachers need to realize the vision of education reform. The issue investigates research and strategies for finding time, as well as pitfalls to full implementation.

Cook, C., & Fine, C. (1997). Critical issue: Finding time for professional development.

Providing Adequate and Structured Teacher Instructional Planning Time

This reference reviews the research on why common planning time is vital, and offers a set of action steps districts and schools can take to implement and protect common planning time. A bibliography with additional resources is included.

Center on Instruction. (2009). Providing adequate and structured teacher instructional planning time. In C.L. Perlman & S. Redding (Eds.), Handbook on effective implementation of school improvement grants (Chap. 8, Sec. D., pp. 161–162).

Providing More Time for Teacher Professional Development

This brief focuses on the structures of professional development. Although it is not possible to definitively answer the question of how much professional development time is enough, the authors emphasize that the need for time is real and cite significant research supporting that reality. The brief offers a variety of ideas to help educational leaders create professional development time for the continuous improvement of their schools. It provides several examples of exemplary districts and schools that are replacing traditional uses of time with innovative actions resulting in high-quality professional development for their teachers.

McCaw, D., Watkins, S., & Borgia, L. (2004). Critical issue: Providing more time for teacher professional development.