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School Environment and Culture

School leaders, teachers, other staff, and all educational stakeholders have a keen awareness that school environment matters. Is the school safe? Are students free from harassment and intimidation? Recent media attention to bullying has prompted increased scrutiny on school practices targeted at providing a secure and positive environment and a positive school culture. Attitudinal factors also matter. Are students or teachers engaged in learning—or are they apathetic and alienated?

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Student-Reported Overt and Relational Aggression and Victimization in Grades 3–8

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This study examines the degree to which students have a) perpetrated overt and relational aggression; b) been the victim of these same behaviors; and c) agree with attitudes that endorse the use of aggression, bullying, and fighting. This study also describes the relationships between gender and grade level on these student-reported behavior patterns and examines the extent to which students in the same classroom or school were similar or different on these variables.

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What Characteristics of Bullying, Bullying Victims, and Schools are Associated with Increased Reporting of Bullying to School Officials?
This study tested 51 characteristics of bullying victimization, bullying victims, and bullying victims' schools to determine which were associated with reporting to school officials. It found that 11 characteristics in two categories—bullying victimization and bullying victims—showed a statistically significant association with reporting. The study also notes the high percentage (64 percent) of respondents who experienced bullying but did not report it.

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Reducing Stereotype Threat in Classrooms: A Review of Social-Psychological Intervention Studies on Improving the Achievement of Black Students
This report identifies three randomized controlled trial studies that use classroom-based strategies to reduce stereotype threat and improve the academic performance of Black students, narrowing their achievement gap with White students.

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Measuring Resilience and Youth Development: The Psychometric Properties of the Healthy Kids Survey
This report summarizes findings from a study of the psychometric properties of the resilience and youth development module, a key component of the Healthy Kids Survey. The study aims to improve resilience assessment and research so that educators can shape the school environment to promote academic resilience.

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