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Scoring Student Work

The tasks for Education Northwest's Problem Solving Model are designed to be open-ended and challenging for students. They allow for a variety of correct responses and require multiple steps for their solution. All of the tasks require that students provide extended explanations of their work.

These types of tasks are best scored using an analytical scoring guide that breaks down a complex performance into various dimensions or traits. This allows the teacher to provide detailed feedback to the student on their performance as well as to assess the student's work in a number of areas.

Five-trait Scoring Guide

The Scoring Grid focuses on specific traits and descriptive criteria for student performance.

Samples of Student Work

Below are samples of student work on selected tasks at various levels. Try scoring the samples using our scoring guide and then compare your scoring with that of a group of experts. The samples are available in PDF format.

Primary School Tasks

Elementary Tasks

Middle School Tasks

High School Tasks