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the OLN Executive Committee November 22, 2016
As leaders for equity, we have a unique responsibility to stand together to ensure our public schools and universities are free from harassment and discrimination. On behalf of the OLN State Steering Committee, the OLN Executive Committee recommends taking the following actions (all of which reflect work happening across the OLN) to ensure student safety and constructive dialogue in our schools.
Rob Larson September 6, 2016
Last spring, two students at Forest Grove High School hung a banner that stated “Build a wall” [external link] in a common area during the school’s Unity Week. In response, hundreds of other students came together to take this negative event and turn it into a unity march to support inclusiveness.
Tim Blackburn August 9, 2016
A few weeks ago, just after the tragedies in Baton Rouge and Dallas, I met informally with some colleagues. Each of us felt a confusing array of pain and numbness. I remember feeling especially unmoored by seemingly endless and totally senseless violence. I told my colleagues about a vulnerable moment I’d experienced recently—something that had really stuck with me in the wake of all the trauma.
Colt Gill April 5, 2016
"To paraphrase Author Robert Fulghum, school is where we learn to share, play fair, not hit others, and say you’re sorry when you hurt someone. It is also the place where we learn to clean up our own messes."
Matt Utterback December 7, 2015
"We wrestle with these issues of privilege, dominant culture, and expectations in North Clackamas schools. We’ve found that there is a strong interplay among instructional practices, equity, and leadership. At the intersection of these concepts lie five principles that we can follow to have a profound impact on our students—especially our traditionally underserved populations."
Karen Fischer Gray October 30, 2015
"Our district has taken pains to move beyond a conversation of race and equity to action. Of course, that’s easier said than done. We have gone from the stage where we identified and talked about the problem to the more challenging task of embracing our mission to ensure that every child reads and thinks critically and graduates ready for college and career."
Tim Blackburn September 28, 2015
"In my classrooms, I have tried multiple approaches, and through much experimentation, I’m convinced that what really matters is giving my students get as many opportunities as possible to practice subject-specific academic language through focused conversations with their peers."
Rob Larson August 24, 2015
"The NEP is nonprofit organization based in Oakland, California. They share the values of the OLN and a commitment to achieving educational equity. NEP works to ensure that each child receives what he or she needs to develop to his or her full academic and social potential."
Mark McKechnie and Vicki Nishioka May 27, 2015
Mark McKechnie and Vicki Nishioka write about how the Oregon Legislature made changes to state school discipline statutes to remove zero tolerance policies and and shift the emphasis of school discipline from exclusion to inclusion and from punishment to education.
Chris Russo March 30, 2015
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