Research Alliance

Hella Bel Hadj Amor
OLN Alliance Lead Hella Bel Hadj Amor

The Oregon Leadership Network (OLN) Research Alliance seeks to further evidence-based practice and inform the design of policies, programs, and practices that promote equity for Oregon students.

With funding from the federal Institute of Education Sciences, REL Northwest provides support for conducting policy research and assists alliance members with data use, evidence-based policy development, and data-driven decision making.

The alliance aims to expand member capacity to:

  • Increase high school graduation and completion rates, and eliminate disparity in graduation rates among student subgroups.
  • Increase the availability and use of tools and processes to review dropout, graduation, and discipline data through a lens of equity
  • Increase use of research-based practices on improving graduation rates
  • Decrease discipline disparities among student groups and decrease overall suspensions and expulsions.
  • Increase understanding of discipline disparities and research regarding best practices to support equitable policies and practices

As a research alliance, we facilitate networking, provide professional development and technical assistance, and conduct research in these areas:

  • Equity in Behavioral Practices: Building momentum for equitable, fair, and constructive discipline policies
  • High School Success: Equipping schools in early warning systems to keep students on track
  • Supporting ELL Students: Promoting research-based practices to better serve Oregon’s growing population of students learning English