Common Core State Standards Implementation Resources


February 2012


A First Look at the Common Core and College and Career Readiness
ACT's report provides an estimate of current student performance on the CCSS using ACT college- and career-readiness data. The report offers instructional and curricular support recommendations, as well as policy considerations for state and federal policymakers that can support teaching and learning of the Common Core.

Curriculum Design, Development, and Implementation in an Era of Common Core State Standards
In August 2010, key stakeholders met to discuss curriculum-related work needed in response to the CCSS. The twofold purpose of the meeting was to provide guidance on future mathematics materials development efforts for grades K–12, and to address issues of curriculum design and production that arise in an environment of common standards.

On the Road to Implementation—Achieving the Promise of the Common Core State Standards
Achieve has developed a guide for states and districts to use as they move from adoption to implementation of the CCSS. To realize the full potential of the CCSS and ensure the new standards actually reach the classroom level, states will need to think through a number of critical issues including how to integrate the new standards into the state’s broader college- and career-ready agenda, including graduation requirements, assessments, and accountability; how individual state standards stack up against the CCSS; how to leverage budgets to support implementation; and how to best communicate about the new standards to key stakeholders.

States’ Progress and Challenges in Implementing Common Core State Standards [PDF]
In the fall of 2010, the Center on Education Policy surveyed state officials about their efforts to adopt and implement the CCSS in reading and math. The survey found that states that have adopted the standards have plans for changing policies and programs—such as developing or adopting new assessments, modifying curriculum materials, and offering professional development for teachers—to ensure that the standards are fully implemented at the classroom level. However, many of these changes will not be fully in place until 2013 or later.