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Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol Equity Academy To Improve Instruction for English Language Learners


Implementing high-quality language instruction programs to improve the education of English language learners (ELLs) is a national priority emphasized in the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. This model was developed to help ELLs acquire grade-level content knowledge while increasing their English proficiency. In this interactive academy, educators will receive intensive training in a research-based model and learn strategies for effective teaching and application of the model to individual instructional environments. In addition, Education Northwest has incorporated critical equity components that set this academy apart from traditional trainings. As a result, participants will gain an understanding of the stages of second language acquisition from a student's perspective and develop awareness of effective and equitable teaching practices for ELLs.

I am walking away from this workshop geared with valuable information that will enhance (or in some cases jolt prior misplaced knowledge) my development of lesson planning and delivery.

—Equity Academy participant


This service can be customized to meet individual school or district needs and is designed for K-12 teachers, administrators, and paraprofessionals.

What Participants Will Learn

  • How to use this model to plan and deliver instruction
  • How to customize instruction for ELLs at different levels of English proficiency
  • Research-based, hands-on strategies and techniques to use in the classroom with ELLs


The Academy typically takes three full days, though the schedule can be adjusted for participants that cannot attend three consecutive days. Follow-up coaching services are also available.

Accompanying Products

Each participant will receive a training notebook as well as a copy of Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners (Fourth Edition) by Echevarria, Vogt, and Short.


Joyce Harris at 800.547.6339, ext 664 or use the contact link below to submit a request electronically.