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Data Collection, Analysis, and Presentation

Education Northwest provides technical assistance on design and implementation of measurement strategies and assessment tools for research and evaluation; data collection protocols and processes; data analysis and interpretation for new or existing data; graphic presentation and reporting of findings.

Effective presentation of useful findings is the ultimate goal of formative and summative evaluation. To this end, Education Northwest's program evaluation staff include experts in quantitative, statistical analysis of numeric data as well as interpretive analysis of qualitative data—and we maintain cutting edge software and computing facilities to support these activities. These sources of information are integrated into carefully prepared reports on your program including executive summaries, detailed interpretive discussions, and concise charts, graphs, tables, and other graphic displays of important findings.

Often, policymakers must make decisions critical to the continued funding of important programs based on relatively brief reviews of program information. For this reason, accurate and engaging presentation of these findings is of great concern to program managers and policymakers alike. We are dedicated to providing accurate, independent analysis that is technically sound but produced primarily for a non-technical audience. We are also happy to supply reports that include complete documentation of technical details. In addition to traditional written reports, we can provide digital graphics ready for use in your digital slide presentations, transparencies, websites, etc.


Theresa Deussen @ 800-547-6339, ext. 631 or use the contact link below to submit a request electronically.