Assistance With Strategic Resource Allocation

Keeps high school improvement on track in the face of declining budgets

Districts face an unprecedented need to pursue a strategic resource allocation agenda. They share a priority of preparing all students for postsecondary education but must find a way to accomplish this goal in an era of flat or decreasing resources. Education Northwest provides technical assistance to districts interested in developing resource allocation strategies to power their ongoing improvement efforts. Assistance involves state-of-the-art tools and materials designed to take stock of current spending patterns and practices, and shift resources to more cost-effective ways of strengthening the core curriculum and preparing all students for college and careers.


This line of work requires a long-term consulting relationship with high-level district administrators.


  • Human resources focused on teaching the core curriculum effectively; reduced noninstructional roles
  • Increased enrollment in courses that prepare students for college with support for struggling students
  • Equitable allocation of resources to ensure a pipeline of students for advanced coursework
  • Increased time for core subject instruction
  • Increased time for teacher collaboration
  • Inclusive and systematic routines for resource use decisionmaking
  • Three-year plan to reach ambitious goals for aligning resources with research-based practice