Culturally Responsive Standards-Based Teaching: Classroom to Community and Back

Research shows that embedding students’ cultures into a rigorous curriculum boosts student achievement and expands opportunities for parent and community involvement. Culturally responsive standards-based (CRSB) teaching can help schools and districts—especially those that serve students from diverse and/or low-income families—accomplish these goals.

Based on the book Culturally Responsive Standards-Based Teaching: Classroom to Community and Back (Corwin Press, 2011), Education Northwest’s professional development workshop offers a range of strategies for implementing CRSB teaching. Conducted by the book’s authors, this training helps educators make small and large-scale changes, from tweaking existing curriculum to designing extensive projects and developing districtwide programs. These strategies can be applied to any subject at any grade level. In a survey of educators who participated in the training, 100 percent said it provided a good process for closing the achievement gap, and more than 92 percent said they were able to make stronger connections with their students’ families.

What Participants Will Learn

  • A process designed to close the achievement gap and engage hard-to-reach families
  • How to develop CRSB curriculum
  • Ways to scale up CRSB strategies beyond the classroom for maximum effect

This service can be customized for K–12 teachers, staff development specialists, administrators, educational leaders, or faculty at colleges and universities.


A half-day or daylong workshop is recommended for teachers; a two-day training of trainers workshop is recommended for staff development specialists or district staff.