English Language Learner (ELL) Program Review

How can a school or district know whether it is doing everything possible to support its English language learners (ELLs)? We can help by collecting and analyzing data or providing assistance as you collect data on a range of instructional, curricular, and contextual factors that show up in the research as important for the success of ELL students.

An ELL program review begins with the collection of data from a variety of sources, including classroom observations, achievement data, curriculum documents, surveys, and focus groups with students, parents, teachers, and school and district administrators. We analyze the data using current professional literature and research on effective practices for ELL students and then share our findings with stakeholders through reports and/or presentations. We highlight the areas of strength, as well as what might be done to improve the learning experience for ELL students. The findings and recommendations can be used to develop a school improvement plan focused on ELLs.

What Clients Will Learn

Program reviews are always customizable to your school or district’s needs and budget. Previous reviews we have conducted provide concrete feedback on topics such as:

  • The level of implementation of SIOP, Project GLAD, or other approaches to sheltered instruction in mainstream classrooms
  • The degree to which schools are making use of ELLs’ linguistic strengths
  • How well English language development programs or curricula align to research on effective practice
  • How ELLs’ progress in learning English compares to state or national patterns
  • The degree to which efforts to involve ELLs’ parents align to what we know about effective practices
  • Student, parent, and staff perceptions of how well the school or district is meeting the needs of ELLs


We can conduct program reviews in one of two ways:

  • We come in as an objective third party to conduct the review and provide a detailed report with concrete findings and recommendations
  • We facilitate an internal review process in collaboration with your school or district team