General Research Services

Project Planning and Design

We provide consultation services and professional development workshops for those who are designing or implementing educational projects that include a research or evaluation component. This assistance is most helpful during the early planning stages, such as when writing a proposal for grant funding, but it can be very useful at any stage in a project.

Below are some examples of topics addressed in planning and design:

  • Preparing funding proposals for research studies or for educational projects that include a research or evaluation component
  • Clarifying your questions of policy or practice, and framing those questions in ways that can be answered by practical, feasible research methods
  • Identifying optional and optimal research designs to answer particular questions, including issues such as overall design, sample size, instrument design, and frameworks and tools for data collection, data management, and data analysis
  • Carrying out the details of funded research or evaluation studies
  • For funding agencies, designing requests for proposals and managing competitive processes to achieve desired results for research and evaluation funding programs

Analysis, Interpretation, and Presentation

We provide customized consultation and comprehensive services for analyzing and reporting new and existing data. These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Management and analysis of data, including advanced quantitative and qualitative studies
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of specific research studies, and extracting the most scientifically defensible and practically useful information from them
  • Communicating research findings for audiences of varying levels of technical expertise, using graphic representations, language, and presentation styles that are technically accurate, as well as engaging and effective