Lesson Study

Education Northwest offers professional development in lesson study that helps teams of teachers collaboratively build pedagogical and content knowledge by planning, teaching, observing, and refining lessons. Working in teams, teachers establish goals, explore the content they are teaching, analyze instructional strategies, and examine student thinking and learning. Lesson study provides the structure for teachers to engage in research to investigate the impact their instructional decisions have on student understanding. Education Northwest works with teams to build their understanding of lesson study and provides support and guidance to the team during the lesson study process.

Lesson study incorporates the characteristics of professional development identified in research as positively affecting teaching and learning.
Lesson study is:

  • Ongoing and comprehensive
  • Collaborative
  • Teacher-driven
  • Classroom- or school-based
  • Focused on subject matter
  • Active and hands-on
  • Focused on student outcomes


This service can be customized for K–12 teachers in all subject areas; instructional coaches; local and state education administrators; professional development providers; and university professors (education and disciplinary faculties). Teams from the same school, district, or organization are encouraged to participate together.

What Participants Will Learn

  • The lesson study process and its essential elements
  • Benefits and intended outcomes of lesson study
  • Strategies for initiating, conducting, and sustaining lesson study


Two-Day Introduction

The service begins with a two-day workshop in which an Education Northwest facilitator guides participants through the lesson study process.

First One-Day Follow-Up

A one-day follow-up workshop provides an opportunity for participants to deepen their own knowledge of the major concepts in a team-chosen content area and the knowledge required for teaching these concepts.

Second One-Day Follow-Up

An additional one-day follow-up occurs after the planning phase, where teams will teach, observe, and debrief their lessons. The facilitator will provide support and guidance to each team during this process.

Continuing Services

Additional follow-up visits can be scheduled to further build teachers' knowledge of the content, and to support and guide the planning, teaching, observing, and debriefing processes.