School Turnaround Review

Schools needing to improve rapidly, including those facing corrective action or restructuring, benefit from an objective and comprehensive review as a first step to turnaround. Using the What Works Clearinghouse's research-based framework on turning around schools, Education Northwest's team of experienced educators will work on site with school leaders to develop tailored, strategic, high-impact recommendations for change. As a basis for its recommendations, the team analyzes achievement, attendance, and demographic data; conducts interviews and focus groups with school and district staff, parents, and students; and observes classrooms.

The final report covers curriculum, assessment, instruction, school environment, professional development, and leadership. The report highlights the school's strengths and identifies areas that are impeding students' academic growth.

This Service Can Be Customized

  • To accommodate federal requirements for school restructuring
  • For schools in any grade span grouping, K–12
  • To incorporate a more intense focus on adolescent literacy or secondary mathematics
  • For very small or very large schools
  • To include ongoing technical assistance

Intended Outcomes of This Service

  • Recommendations for dramatic and rapid school improvement, including "quick wins" and other focused leadership actions that promote turnarounds
  • Methods for working from existing practices to develop a consistent focus on instruction
  • Recommendations for future action planning


  • Initial interview with school site coordinator
  • Assistance scheduling interviews, focus groups, and classroom observations
  • Two to four days on site, depending on the size of the school
  • Post-review presentation of report on findings and recommendations
  • Leadership and improvement team training around findings