Support for Mathematics Coaches and Leaders

Instructional coaching is a promising practice for improving mathematics outcomes in schools. In order to be effective, mathematics coaches need to be confident in their knowledge of the content; they must be aware of research and recommendations about teaching in general, and about the teaching of mathematics in particular. Instructional coaches need to be familiar with the Common Core State Standards and how these expectations will impact the content and teaching at each grade level. Additionally, they need to know how to teach adult learners, which requires strong interpersonal skills and the ability to develop professional relationships with the teachers they coach.

Education Northwest’s ongoing support can strengthen mathematics coaches' and leaders' mathematical content knowledge for teaching, increase their ability to support to their colleagues and peers, and expand their awareness of issues in leadership for mathematics.


This service can be customized for elementary, middle, or high school mathematics coaches. Coaching and support can be provided for individuals, small teams, or large groups of mathematics coaches.

What Participants Will Learn

  • Expanded content for teaching topics in mathematics
  • How to facilitate implementing the Common Core State Standards in classrooms
  • How to provide coaching support to teachers in their schools
  • Leadership issues for mathematics


We follow up this three-day workshop with sessions that provide ongoing support and assistance.