Vertical Alignment of Curriculum Using the Common Core State Standards

Education Northwest services help you ensure that student learning builds seamlessly from year to year so that students graduate ready for college and careers.

The new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) focus on fewer standards, but require students to engage in much more depth of application. We help districts work with teacher-leaders, explore current practices, and define what concepts and skills will be taught and mastered at each grade level to align with the CCSS. After analyzing advanced assessments to understand the level of performance required to succeed, district leadership teams dig into each course to define what skills and knowledge students need to bring to a course and what they will take with them to the next level. As a result of this review, district teams are positioned for further work to align curriculum, teaching practices, assessment, and learning climate to be consistent with support for high-level student performance.


This requires an intensive two-day work session, and is best supported by ongoing district collaboration throughout the year. This work requires high-level administrative participation, as well as team members intimately familiar with course standards and syllabi.


Long-term commitment to this work will result in CCSS-aligned curriculum maps, course syllabi, learning targets, and performance-based assessments.