Video Study Groups: Improving Math and Science Teaching and Learning

Education Northwest offers professional development conducted in learning communities, using video of teachers’ own classrooms to launch professional discussions about student interactions, questions, and responses to instruction. Facilitated by Education Northwest’s math and science content experts, teachers collaboratively analyze and problem solve around the real day-to-day experiences of teaching and learning in their school.

Video study groups incorporate the characteristics of professional development identified in research as positively affecting teaching and learning.
Video study groups are:

  • Ongoing and comprehensive
  • Collaborative
  • Teacher-driven
  • Classroom- or school-based
  • Focused on subject matter
  • Active and hands-on
  • Focused on student outcomes


This service can be customized for teaching teams at elementary, middle, or high school levels. Teams may choose to use video study groups to focus attention on achievement gaps by capturing and analyzing video of particular students or groups of students, including English language learners, girls, and/or individual students at risk of underperforming on state achievement tests.

What Participants Will Learn

  • Research-based practices for improving math/science instruction
  • Structures and protocols for collaboration focused on student learning
  • Reflective practices that contribute to high-quality teaching


This professional development service is customized for each context. Typically teams meet once every four to six weeks for a half-day session with the Education Northwest facilitator.

Here is what some participants have said about our video study groups:

This process helped focus my instruction and gave me practical ideas to try and to reflect on. It also offered encouragement and feedback. —Teacher

The VSG was a huge learning experience. It advanced my teaching quicker than with just classroom experience alone. —Teacher

Participants spoke very highly of their experience and look forward to continuing the work. I appreciate the work you do with our teachers. —School Administrator

Continuing Services

Video study groups can be continued over multiple years to increase the depth of discussion or reflect a change in focus. Video study groups can continue their professional learning through lesson study. Education Northwest also offers training for leading video study groups, contributing to the sustainability of using this model of professional development.