Evaluating College and Career Readiness and Success Initiatives

Across the P–16 continuum, states and districts are working to support students’ journeys toward success in college, careers, and community life. Education Northwest’s experienced evaluators and researchers help our clients better understand whether their efforts are making a difference and how to improve them. Our work includes validating early warning and college readiness indicators, tracking these systems’ impact on postsecondary trajectories, and evaluating readiness and success programs such as GEAR UP.

Examples of Current Work

What Clients Will Learn

We customize our evaluations to meet the needs and budget of the project. In previous work, we have collected and analyzed data on:

  • Which groups of students are dropping out of high school and why
  • What happens to students after they leave high school
  • How well readiness and success initiatives are being implemented
  • What effect an initiative is having on student aspirations and behaviors
  • How initiatives are impacting students’ readiness for college and postsecondary success


The strongest evaluations start as the initiative is being planned and last for the duration of the project, but we can also join ongoing projects and assist with data collection and analyses of existing data.