Evaluation of School Improvement and Turnaround Efforts

If you’re engaged in improving education, especially for students traditionally underserved by public schools, you know how challenging this work can be. Education Northwest’s evaluation services provide clear data and meaningful analysis to support decisionmaking. We work with leaders at the federal, state, and local levels to evaluate practices and policies aimed at improving schooling and educational opportunities.

Examples of Recent Work

What Clients Will Learn

We work closely with you to develop clear, actionable evaluation questions customized for your needs. For example, previous evaluations have asked:

  • What are the results associated with a particular policy or initiative, especially related to student and school success?
  • How does the actual on-the-ground implementation of a policy or initiative align with the intended or ideal implementation?
  • Where do key stakeholders get information about the policy or initiative, and how do they use that information?
  • What are key stakeholders’ impressions of, and support for, particular initiatives or policies?


You will shape the format of your Education Northwest evaluation to your project’s unique needs. We typically offer data collection, analysis, reports, and presentations related to your overall evaluation questions. We are also happy to create additional products that you can use with stakeholders, such as policy briefs for legislators or funders.