Education Northwest

English Language Learner Services

Education Northwest offers an array of services designed to help educators and policymakers support the unique academic needs of the growing English language learner (ELL) population in the Northwest and beyond. From teacher training in Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol to comprehensive analyses of the educational experiences of ELLs within a school, Education Northwest’s researchers, evaluators, and professional development providers have an impressive portfolio of skills, training, and experience to support those educating our nation’s ELL students.


In addition to the services listed on the right, other areas of assistance include:

  • Evaluation design, implementation, and reporting of data for local, state, and federal ELL initiatives: Theresa Deussen, 800.547.6339, ext. 631
  • Training in strategies for identifying and eliminating school policies and practices that result in over-representation of diverse students in special education and disciplinary referrals: Joyce Harris, 800.547.6339, ext. 664
  • Workshops for teachers on how to use our 6+1 Trait® Writing Model to improve writing instruction and assessment for ELLs: Mark Workman, 800.547.6339, ext. 572