Aurora Moore

Aurora has more than 15 years of experience working at the intersection of research, policy, and practice in K–12 education. She provides technical assistance that helps states, districts, and schools use data and evidence, improve schools and systems, and effectively implement policy initiatives. Her doctoral work at Stanford University focused on the challenges and possibilities of sustaining reform over time, as well as the role of professional learning communities and evidence use in driving equitable practices. Before joining Education Northwest, she served as a data coach with the San Francisco Unified School District, evaluated school and district reform initiatives, and consulted on organizational learning, systems change, and research-practitioner partnerships. Aurora has taught at the graduate and middle school levels and is passionate about putting learning for students and adults at the center of educational change.

I believe that learning is a fundamental human right and I consider it both a great privilege and a great responsibility to help foster the conditions and processes through which optimal learning can occur. I find Education Northwest’s work particularly powerful because it honors the diverse contexts of locales and states while allowing the cross-pollination of best practices across and beyond the region.

Blog Posts

A Cellphone and Sneakers: Strategies for Graduation Coaches


January 17th, 2017

Once schools are using data to identify the students at risk of falling through the cracks, what’s the next step? Graduation coaches who help kids cross the graduation stage is one potential solution.

Defining the Dropout Problem as a Step Toward the Solution in Montana


March 31st, 2015

Collective impact initiatives thrive on meaty problems—problems worth the attention, energy, and resources of the community that cannot be solved by the efforts of single organizations or sectors. At Education Northwest, we are currently working with three communities in Montana that formed...