Caitlin Scott

Caitlin leads and serves on research and evaluation teams focused on issues such as school reform, implementation of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act, and literacy interventions for struggling readers. She is particularly interested in education as a social justice issue. Her evaluation and research skills focus on using mixed methods, including research design, instrument development, observations, interviews, document reviews, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, report writing, and presentation of findings. Caitlin loves poetry and bird watching, and holds an M.A. in Creative Writing in addition to a Ph.D. in teaching and learning and an M.T. in special education. Her husband’s work as a high school English teacher keeps her grounded in classroom realities.

As a Vygotsky fan, I believe that intelligence does not reside within the individual but is instead distributed among a community of learners. Through my evaluation work at Education Northwest, I hope to work with practitioners to create new knowledge about education issues and improve systems that ensure an educated citizenry.

Manager-Research and Evaluation


Areas of Work: