Lena Fox

Lena is passionate about education, youth development, and supporting educators to ensure they have the tools to create the best possible learning environments for all youth.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in social science with an emphasis on secondary education, completed additional coursework in early childhood education, and is currently pursuing her master’s in instructional design & technology. Her expertise lies in program design and implementation; STEM/STEAM curriculum development; and implementation of restorative justice, trauma-informed practice, and social and emotional learning. For over 20 years, she has worked directly with communities' most vulnerable students and families to build a foundation of trust through relationships.

Education and Youth Development


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Finding the Green Zone: Trauma-Informed Practices in the Classroom


October 12th, 2021

Using trauma-informed practices helps create a foundation of safety and support. As students work through their own trauma, together we build a community focused on healing, resilience, growth, learning, and success.