To our Black colleagues, students, and families: You matter. Your lives matter. Your trauma and anger matter. Your voices, your stories, and your dreams matter. We mourn with you, we stand with you, and we are committed to doing the collective work of fighting racism in all places and in all forms. Our Pledge

Norah Owings

Norah assists a variety of projects in the organization through administrative work, document creation, editing and event management. Before joining Education Northwest, she received her B.S. in Environmental Economics and Policy from Oregon State University. She then spent the next three years as a project manager doing community development work across Oregon. Norah served two years as a RARE – AmeriCorps volunteer where she found her passion for building capacity in rural and underserved communities.

“As someone who comes from a family of educators, I am excited to work for an organization focused on helping educators, families, and communities reach their greatest potential.”

Project Administrator

Blog Posts

7 Ways to Develop an Online Community with English Learner Students


June 9th, 2020

Learn strategies for developing an online community with EL students, such as leveraging their digital skills, creating buddy systems, holding breakfast meetings, and checking in with families.