2015 Alaska ACTE Conference

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The 2015 Alaska Association for Career and Technical Education (Alaska ACTE) conference is bringing together more than 200 professionals committed to CTE education, training, and workforce development. This year’s theme is Alaska ACTE: Building a State of Collaboration.

Havala Hanson of Education Northwest presents the following session on October, 20, 2015.

“What do Alaska students do when they leave high school?”

This session focuses on study results that are relevant to career and technical educators. Specifically, it demonstrates the importance of career preparation in high school by showing how many students enter the workforce upon exiting high school, how they move back and forth between employment and education options, and how these patterns differ for men and women, Alaska Native and white students, and rural and urban students. The presentation includes the study’s findings on the value of secondary and postsecondary education and the value of work experience in high school and beyond by illustrating how they are related to students’ early career wages and employment rates.

This session may help educators counsel students on their options and how the choices they make during and after high school may impact their careers later in life. At a systems level, this study describes gaps in education and employment outcomes across demographic groups that may be helpful for identifying priorities to evaluate and adapt strategies that support postsecondary success for all students.