Implementing Educator Evaluation and Support Systems

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What you should know about evaluating, monitoring, and continually improving educator evaluation and support systems

A REL Northwest Webinar
May 28, 2014—11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. (PST)

Educator effectiveness remains a national priority in the wake of Race to the Top and No Child Left Behind/Elementary and Secondary Education Act waivers. As states in the Northwest and around the country are considering or implementing educator evaluation systems, they’re facing challenges such as:

  • Monitoring implementation of their educator evaluation and support system
  • Incorporating ongoing feedback about the system
  • Getting started putting an implementation evaluation in place
  • Determining which data to collect and how
  • Knowing when they’ve achieved a well-implemented system

They’re also asking why such systems are important and what impact can they have?

Who Should Attend

This REL Northwest webinar, co-sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences, is appropriate for district and school administrators and educators who are currently involved in educator effectiveness team work or plan to be in the future. It will also be of interest to technical assistance providers, researchers, and university faculty.

The Presenters

Dr. Dan Goldhaber, director, Center for Education Data & Research at University of Washington Bothell, will discuss key elements of evaluation and support systems, as well as how educator evaluations can be used to improve the performance of current teachers and will affect newcomers to the field.

Michelle Hudacsko, deputy chief of the District of Columbia Public Schools’ IMPACT performance assessment system, will share her district’s experience with monitoring educator evaluation. She’ll touch on topics such as how do you know what’s working in your evaluation system; what data and feedback do you collect; and how can you use the information for improvement purposes?

Dr. Hella Bel Hadj Amor and Havala Hanson of REL Northwest will introduce the presenters and facilitate the conversation.