Education Northwest Unveils New Approach to School Improvement


September 16, 2014


Success Now! logo

With nearly 50 years’ experience providing coaching and technical assistance to schools, Education Northwest today announces the launch of a new, research-based approach for school improvement, Success Now!

The approach focuses on increasing student achievement and creating a schoolwide culture of continuous improvement through collaboration and shared leadership.

Participating Success Now! schools engage in a series of change cycles that are designed by teachers and administrators with coaching support from Education Northwest. Lasting 10–12 weeks, these cycles look at the root causes of challenges that impede academic performance and mobilize the entire building on the implementation of a research-backed solution. The cycles build on each other while school teams strengthen the system conditions needed for long-term success.

“What I like about Success Now! is that it helps schools shift from urgency to purposeful action, from initiative overload to shared commitment and success, and from individual practice to shared leadership and learning,” says Education Northwest Chief Program Officer Danette Parsley who led the development of the approach. “It not only helps teachers and administrators do their own work better, it also helps them work together to address what they determine are the school’s most pressing needs.”

Success Now! schools receive customized technical support up front from Education Northwest until they become proficient at running change cycles on their own. Coaches from Education Northwest also provide support in other ways, such as guiding teachers in the use of high-quality data so that they can easily monitor whether their instructional strategies are working. Coaches tailor their work with each school or district by drawing from a mix of deep content, leadership, and system-change expertise.

One school participating in Success Now! recently saw a 27 percent increase in the number of students scoring proficient in a critical reading skill in the pre- and postassessment data for over the course of a change cycle. Their progress was verified when students took their state test, and 20-30 percent more students in each grade met benchmarks on the same skill.

For more information on Success Now!, contact Celeste Janssen.