January’s Focus on Postsecondary and Career Readiness


January 7, 2015


Students celebrating graduation

With the new year upon us, we are excited to kick off 2015 with a blog series on postsecondary and career readiness. This is a high priority topic in the Northwest and one of our organizations’ primary areas of expertise.

We’ve lined up Northwest Matters blog posts from our researchers and technical assistance experts as well as guests from the field. We’ll also publish news articles on local work in this area, and share additional resources over social media.

The urgency of moving the bar nationally on key outcomes for young people—high school graduation, postsecondary enrollment and completion, living wage employment—demands creative solutions from states, school systems and communities working together. It also demands attention to evidence, both about what works and what needs improving, in such areas as the development and use of early warning and college readiness indicators, aligning expectations across secondary and postsecondary institutions, and supporting the career and postsecondary transitions our young people make. These are areas our blog series will explore.

For the sake of clarity, college readiness is a widely used term in the field, and when we use it, we are referring not just to preparing students for degree programs but also the wider range of postsecondary education opportunities, including job training, apprenticeships, and certificate programs. As a default, we will use the more comprehensive term postsecondary in our posts to encompass the full range of education possibilities open to students beyond high school.