Need Up-to-Date and Customized Research? Get Ready for Ready Services


February 12, 2019


Every day, Education Northwest’s research librarians (also known as knowledge managers) create literature summaries, produce environmental scans and answer research questions.

Our work, in turn, informs the technical assistance, applied research and other products and services the organization provides to the field.

As one of my colleagues recently told me, it’s the librarians’ job to make everybody smarter.

To that end, we are excited to roll out Ready Services.

This new subscription service taps into the expertise of our librarians (as well as our research, technical assistance and creative teams) to provide stakeholders with the best available research.

Ready Services can bring the same value as having your own research librarian on staff—but at a fraction of the cost of similar offerings.

Our goal: Help educators make informed decisions about policies and practices.

Expertise Makes a Difference

At a time when anyone with an internet connection can track down education research, partnering with a professional research librarian can make all the difference.

For starters, we are experts at conducting searches; we are well-versed in the most relevant keywords. In addition, we can determine the rigor that goes into studies and evaluate the quality.

Lastly, we can perform searches so quickly and thoroughly that Education Northwest’s highly trained researchers trust us to find the research they need.

Part consultant, part detective, I enjoy locating and providing that specific piece of information that will assist educators in the region in improving educational policy and practice.

Taking Service to the Next Level

However, conducting searches and distilling the research, policy information and best practices we find is just the beginning.

We also create easy-to-read reports and visual aids (such as infographics and presentation slides) in collaboration with our creative team so that the information we gather is accessible and ready for immediate use.

We are thrilled to offer these services to the greater community of state education agencies, districts, schools and other stakeholder organizations through Ready Services.

We are quick and thorough; we provide vetted, customized information about your high-priority issues; and we look forward to working with you!

I’m happy to discuss what we can put together for you. To learn more, send me an email or call me at 503.275.9477.