OLN-National Equity Project (NEP) Partnership

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Professional Development Offerings

The OLN is excited to partner with the National Equity Project (NEP) to provide our members with professional development opportunities that will help education leaders deliver on the promise of a quality education for every student. This new partnership allows OLN member organizations to access NEP’s institutes and seminars in-state at a reduced cost.

Together, the OLN and NEP will support educational leaders with practical strategies and processes to confront educational inequities and disparities in our practice. NEP’s support, in collaboration with the OLN, will help you in your day-to-day equity leadership to make effective decisions and to take action to eliminate institutional racism, promote positive and inclusive learning, and sustain equitable practice.

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OLN-NEP professional development opportunities include:

Institutes (Multi-Day)

  • Leading for Equity
  • Equity-Centered Coaching Institute
  • Teaching with a Cultural Eye
  • Equity-Centered Professional Learning Communities
  • Designing and Facilitating Meetings for Equity

Learning Seminars (Single Day)

  • Instructional Coaching for Equity
  • Designing Meetings for Learning and Collaboration
  • Facilitating Group Dynamics for Effective Teams
  • Keeping Students at the “Core” of the Common Core
  • Leading for Equity in Complex Systems

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All opportunities are customizable to meet your school or district needs. For more information, contact Deanna D’Souza at 503-275-9582.

Implementation Support

The National Equity Project can provide executive coaching support to OLN member organizations to help leaders and teams make informed decisions and take more effective action around equity outcomes.

NEP offers a unique blend of technical expertise in best practices for organizational, school, and district improvement, including data-driven assessment and planning and relational and cultural competence expertise.

Through executive coaching to leaders and teams, NEP will support your organization to apply a racial equity and systems-thinking lens to your understanding of the root causes of systemic oppression in education systems. NEP focuses on both technical and relational challenges – supporting individuals and teams to identify and develop necessary structures, systems, and processes, while deeply focusing on too-often overlooked aspects of information sharing, relationships, and identity.

OLN member organizations can access NEP Implementation Support services at a special discounted daily rate. Contact Deanna D’Souza at 503-275-9582 to schedule a consultation to learn more about this service.