Institutes (Multi-Day)

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These multi-day Institutes are offered for OLN member organizations at a special rate of $300/participant/day. The host organization is responsible for refreshments and lunch.

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Leading for Equity Institute (2-3 Days)

Leading for Equity is an experiential institute providing ample opportunities for sharing, reflection, and planning to inform your current work. Teams will deepen their commitment, relationships, and efficacy while developing strategies toward equity goals. Participants receive expert, caring guidance and facilitation to work together to address the personal and technical challenges they face in their educational equity efforts.

Intended audience: teams of OLN member organizations who are working on an equity initiative

Download: Sample agenda, table of contents

Equity-Centered Coaching Institute (2-3 Days)

Everyone can use coaching skills to become a better leader. Learn how to develop and strengthen the people you work with to become more effective teachers, teammates, and leaders. Participants examine their coaching and facilitation styles with a focus on educational equity while practicing coaching skills with each other.

Intended audience: Professional education and leadership coaches and consultants; principals, associate superintendents, administrators, and instructional leaders; district leaders beginning to implement a coaching program

Download: Sample agenda, table of contents

Teaching with a Cultural Eye (2 Days)

Being able to understand the cultural identities of our students is the cornerstone of good instruction. It is the critical ingredient to being in relationship with students and opens the way to using formative assessment in powerful ways as a culturally responsive educator. This course addresses the increasing need for educators to develop the skills and awareness necessary to successfully interact with students and families from diverse backgrounds and ways to integrate that awareness into their teaching and leadership practice.

Intended audience: teachers, principals, administrators, coaches

Equity-Centered Professional Learning Communities (2 Days)

Teacher collaboration time and structures are essential for any effective school, but collaboration structures do not guarantee that the educators in them will wind up explicitly addressing equity challenges or make progress towards more equitable outcomes. This institute builds on the work of the DuFours’ Professional Learning Community approach. Participants will gain access to new frameworks, strategies, and tools to support new conditions and practices for teacher collaboration which is focused on rigorously identifying the root causes of current student outcomes and relentlessly questioning the status quo to find ways to reach equitable outcomes.

Intended audience: instructional leadership teams

Download: Sample agenda

Designing & Facilitating Meetings for Equity (2 Days)

Designing and Facilitating Meetings for Equity offers essential knowledge and skills for setting the conditions necessary for effective discussion and collaboration focused on equity work, as well as facilitation skills to support facilitators to respond to the particular dynamics of any group. This Institute will provide an opportunity to learn about and practice applying strategies and structures that support productive meetings that encourage full participation and engagement.

Intended audience: directors, managers, coaches, teacher leaders, and any staff responsible for guiding people to collaborate effectively together