Learning Seminars (Single Day)

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These one-day Seminars are offered for OLN member organizations at a special rate of $300/participant/day. The seminars may also be offered in tandem or in a sequence with one another. The host organization is responsible for refreshments and lunch.

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Instructional Coaching for Equity

The role of the Instructional Coach goes beyond sharing good strategies; it’s about supporting teachers to think differently about what’s happening in their classroom so they can take new action. Many instructional coaches found great success as classroom teachers but struggle to motivate the teachers they work with to make dramatic changes in their practice, especially when focused on students who have not been served well in school. This seminar will introduce you to core skills that National Equity Project coaches have employed with hundreds of teachers over the past 20 years, specifically targeted on essential skills for instructional coaches.

Intended audience: instructional coaches and managers or conveners of instructional coaches; beneficial for principals and instructional leaders

Download: Sample agenda, table of contents

Designing Meetings for Learning & Collaboration

When planning adult learning, it’s essential to design an experience people will go through together that moves beyond a series of tasks or items to address. This is particularly true when guiding a group through conversations focused on issues of equity or other emotionally-charged challenges. This seminar will provide an opportunity to learn about and practice applying strategies and structures that support productive meetings that encourage full participation and engagement.

Intended audience: directors, managers, coaches, teacher leaders, and any staff responsible for guiding people to collaborate effectively together

Download: Sample agenda, table of contents

Facilitating Group Dynamics for Effective Teams

Facilitating a group is complex, challenging work. Even a well-designed agenda can be sidelined by participant anxieties or volatile emotions that create unproductive group dynamics. This seminar will help you to understand what’s underneath the challenges your group is facing and learn facilitation skills that can create a team with greater agency and effectiveness. Transform your staff or departments into effective teams with a shared vision and commitment to what they can accomplish together.

Intended audience: directors, managers, coaches, teacher leaders, and any staff responsible for guiding people to collaborate effectively together

Download: Sample agenda, table of contents

Keeping Students at the “Core” of the Common Core

If we are going to deliver on the promise of the Common Core – and how it can actually create paths to college readiness for all students – we have to understand more about what’s needed for students who are furthest from success, and intentionally develop approaches that will work for them. At the heart of this work is developing a “learning partnership” – a purposeful, effective relationship between the teacher and student. A learning partnership approach can support teachers to get to the “core” of the Common Core: motivating all students to be independent learners who can understand and act on what they need to become college and career-ready.

Intended audience: teachers, principals, administrators, coaches, and any staff responsible for implementing the Common Core in classrooms

Download: Sample agenda, table of contents

Leading for Equity in Complex Systems

Whether it’s implementing the Common Core or a new family engagement strategy, many education leaders approach their system’s challenges and change initiatives as complicated problems to solve. But equity challenges are more than complicated – they are complex – so solutions must balance technical and relational approaches. This seminar will help you think differently about your work; to move beyond a perpetual (and often reactive) task list toward a more proactive method of problem solving and decision-making. Learn how to link your day-to-day activities with your long-term vision of equity, even in a changing and unpredictable world.

Intended audience: district office managers and directors, program directors, school leaders, board members, and any staff charged with implementing significant initiatives or projects involving multiple people and groups

Download: Sample agenda, table of contents