About OLN

Who Are We?

The Oregon Leadership Network (OLN) is the only statewide educational leadership network in the nation with equity at its core. Its vision is that every Oregon school, district, and organizational leader demonstrates the highest level of culturally responsive leadership anchored in Oregon’s research-based leadership standards.

Today, the OLN includes more than 20 school districts that educate over 40 percent of Oregon’s student population. These districts are joined by ESDs, our three statewide education agencies, professional organizations, and higher education institutions in developing educational leadership for equity.

What Do We Do?

The OLN also hosts leadership institutes in spring and fall, provides technical assistance on equity action plans, and offers the popular web-based LEAD Tool that helps teams track their professional growth in equity with interactive scoring rubrics derived from 10 equitable practices based in research. The OLN also serves as a research alliance with additional opportunities for member participation.

Eliminating School Discipline Disparities: Statement of Principles and Commitments

As educational leaders, we acknowledge that discipline practices disproportionately remove students from instructional settings and harm identifiable student groups. These discipline disparities highlight our need to build positive, inclusive relationships with each and every student and with families and communities.

The Oregon Leadership Network (OLN) members pledge to lead efforts to provide safe and culturally responsive schools for each of our students and commit to creating and utilizing equitable discipline practices that allow each student access to quality classroom instruction and educational opportunities.

We believe that if we use research-based practices, focus on preventative discipline, and learn to support all educators in establishing the culturally responsive and inclusive learning environments every student deserves and needs, then we will dramatically reduce exclusionary practices and eliminate discipline disparities.

We commit to working collaboratively and with urgency to dramatically reduce exclusionary practices and discipline disparities in our districts by:

  1. Identifying and promoting culturally responsive teaching and learning strategies that improve engagement and support learning for students who are disproportionately excluded from instruction
  2. Limiting use of exclusionary discipline to situations that pose a serious and credible threat to the physical safety of students and others
  3. Revising current discipline policies to focus on prevention, maximizing instructional time, and prioritizing student learning with peers
  4. Using disaggregated data to identify discipline problems, monitor progress, and sustain accomplishments in reducing exclusionary discipline and eliminating discipline disparities
  5. Making intentional efforts to include impacted students and parents in the development and implementation of strategies to promote culturally responsive and inclusive educational environments
  6. Minimizing academic penalties for disciplinary infractions
  7. Using a graduated set of discipline responses that focuses on prevention, early intervention, and staff and student supports to create a more just learning environment
  8. Developing and evaluating potential solutions to discipline disparities