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The LEAD Tool is a professional growth tool designed to support leadership teams in developing organizational leadership capacity for equity. The LEAD Tool:

  • Identifies 10 high-leverage, research-based practices for equity
  • Helps teams assess their equity practices using an interactive rating system
  • Provides professional learning resources, including articles, videos, and the latest research
  • Aligns with the national Professional Standards for Educational Leaders and with Oregon Educational Leadership/Administrator Standards

New Features

  • Fully printable
  • Accessible on mobile devices
  • Includes a defined process to enhance equitable practices
  • Generates reports to document evidence and progress

Why It Matters

In recent years, national organizations, researchers, and practitioners have called for issues of equity to be at the center of professional learning and practice for educational leaders. Still, the theory and practice of leadership for equity is largely underdeveloped and understudied. With an increasing call to address disparities of outcomes among student groups and to eliminate predictable achievement and success gaps, educational leaders will benefit by using the LEAD Tool to reflect on their practice, assess their skills, and develop their strategies for equity.

Visit the LEAD™ Tool for more resources to support implementation.

For More Information

For LEAD Tool implementation support or professional development, please contact Vicki Nishioka.