How We Use Culturally Responsive and Equitable Evaluation Approaches in Postsecondary Research and Evaluation 

February 2024
teachers talking

A culturally responsive and equitable evaluation (CREE) approach is essential to conducting evaluations of postsecondary programs and systems because it centers collaboration with and participation of those most impacted. To support the use of CREE approaches in postsecondary research and evaluation, this brief provides specific examples drawn from our recent work with partners in the postsecondary field.

CREE centers systemically excluded or marginalized communities and people—ensuring that the voices of those most affected by the issue being studied are amplified. This intentional focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion at all stages of the work distinguishes CREE from other approaches to evaluation.

Download the brief to learn more about how we use CREE approaches in postsecondary research and evaluation and five key questions to consider when beginning a new evaluation.

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