Success Now! - Our Approach

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What To Expect When You Sign on as a Success Now! School

In the first 30 days: Your leadership team designs and launches your first data-based improvement cycle. Results from a data inquiry process inform an exciting schoolwide achievement goal—to be achieved in 12 weeks. Further goals are set for improving the school system.

In the first 12-week cycle: Teachers apply a well-defined instructional approach to achieve the schoolwide achievement goal. Teachers examine student work, analyze interim data, and collaborate with colleagues to improve instruction. The leadership team takes steps to identify strengths and address underlying challenges, and a post-assessment provides a clear picture of results.

In the first year: Your school takes concrete steps to systematically address one or more critical student learning needs. At the same time, your school grows stronger in creating the conditions teachers need to improve instruction. Data show progress in student outcomes as well as improvements in school capacity and culture. Every teacher contributes to building the strengths of your school and improving learning.

In the second year: Your leadership team builds on what you learned in the first year as we guide you through successive improvement cycles, drilling down into data and breaking apart complex learning challenges into manageable chunks that teachers tackle with confidence.

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