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The Region X Equity Assistance Center (EAC) at Education Northwest helps K–12 public schools and their communities incorporate educational equity into policies, procedures, and classroom practices to ensure that all students receive what they need to succeed academically. As one of 10 centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education, we provide technical assistance and training in a number of priority areas related to ensuring equal access and opportunity in education.

Who We Serve

Region X covers 16.1 million square miles and nine time zones. It comprises five states (Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington), two territories (American Samoa and Guam), a commonwealth (the Northern Mariana Islands), two republics (Palau and the Marshall Islands), and the four Federated States of Micronesia (Chuuk, Kosrae, Pohnpei, and Yap).

Key Components of Educational Equity

The Region X EAC has identified seven key components of school practice to ensure each student has what he or she needs to succeed:

  1. Access—Ensure every student has an equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of the educational process, including learning facilities, resources, and extracurricular and curricular programs.
  2. Instruction—Use instructional practices that promote positive images of diverse groups and a strong commitment to an equitable approach to teaching and learning.
  3. Materials—Review textbooks, audiovisuals, and other materials to minimize bias in content, graphics, pictures, and language.
  4. Assessment—Account for variances in student learning styles and cultural backgrounds, and align assessment with school curricula, instruction, and systemic improvement goals.
  5. Interactions—Adjust interactions that may be shaped by biased attitudes and could result in relating to students differently depending on their race, sex, ability, ethnicity, or other factors.
  6. Attitudes—Examine attitudes for biases or prejudices that may be unintentional but could result in discriminatory behavior that affects student performance.
  7. Language—Monitor language for subtle or overt biases that can have a powerful influence in creating or reinforcing prejudicial attitudes.

The Region X Equity Assistance Center is funded under U.S. Department of Education contract number S004D110013.