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National Mentoring Center Resource Collections

Mentoring Program Planning and Design Resources
The following resources for planning, designing, and implementing a youth mentoring program have been developed by the National Mentoring Center, and its various projects, over the last several years.

Mentor Recruitment and Screening Resources
These resources can help any mentoring program recruit appropriate adults for the mentoring role and ensure the safety of program participants through rigorous pre-match screening.

Mentor/Mentee Training and Relationship Support Resources
These materials can be useful in pre-match training of mentors and mentees, as well as ongoing training that helps participants build mentoring skills over time.

Mentoring Program Sustainability Resources
The following resources can help youth mentoring programs in both school and community settings plan for a sustainable future. These resources cover many aspects of sustainability, such as fundraising, marketing and branding, and partnership development.

Mentoring Program Evaluation Resources
These National Mentoring Center resources can help mentoring programs evaluate their services and the outcomes for youth participants.

School-Based Mentoring Resources
These National Mentoring Center resources can help school administrators and staff, as well as their community partners, design and implement effective mentoring services in K-12 school settings.

Peer Mentoring Resources
These National Mentoring Center resources provide guidance on developing and implementing a peer mentoring program in which older youth provide mentoring to someone younger, often in a school setting.

Specialized Mentoring Models
These resources can help agencies and schools that are developing mentoring services for special populations of youth, such as those in the foster care system or the children of incarcerated parents, or delivering mentoring in specialized settings, such as a faith institution or a work site. Innovative mentoring models, such as group mentoring, are also highlighted.