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Student Engagement Takes Center Stage

Northwest Education Magazine - Spring/Summer 2008

Volume 13. Number 3. Cover photo by Brent McGregor and Kara Mickaelson.

On the Cover: National Teacher of the Year Michael Geisen believes students are engaged when “they have an active interest in learning on their own and they’re not just being fed knowledge.” In this issue, Geisen talks about how he engages his middle school science students in rural Eastern Oregon. When the school year ends in June, Geisen will begin traveling the United States, serving as an ambassador for excellence in teaching.

Web Site Exclusives - What the Research Says (and Doesn't Say): What Do Students Say?

Inside the Spring/Summer 2008 Issue

  • Project Engagement
  • Teacher Energy Promotes Student Energy
  • Learning By Listening to Students
  • Learning To Serve
  • Students As Partners In Learning
  • A Clear Signal

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