Fostering Number Sense and Algebraic Reasoning in K–2, 3–5, and 6–8

This nationally known professional development builds teachers’ pedagogical and content knowledge of number sense and algebraic reasoning. In customized sessions, teachers increase their understanding of how students learn and enhance their knowledge of effective instructional practices applied to the mathematical content for their grade bands. Using the expectations for knowledge and proficiencies outlined in the Common Core State Standards, each workshop addresses different grade-level topics:

  • Grades K–2 focus: addition and subtraction
  • Grades 3–5 focus: multiplication and division
  • Grades 6–8 focus: rational numbers and proportional reasoning

Teams of teachers, along with their principals and support staff such as paraprofessionals, are encouraged to participate together. As a result of the professional development experience, teams develop a plan for implementation of workshop ideas in the classroom and school community. Institute activities include:

  • Participating in mathematical problem-solving activities
  • Analyzing classroom video clips and examples of student work
  • Reading and discussing professional journals
  • Applying research about how children learn mathematics to classroom situations
  • Interacting with grade-level colleagues

What Participants Will Learn

  • Current research on how students learn mathematics
  • Important mathematical concepts that facilitate the integration of number concepts and algebraic reasoning
  • Research-based instructional strategies that promote number sense and algebraic reasoning
  • How to model the Common Core State Standards mathematical practices in instruction


This service is delivered through a series of workshops, for a total of 24–36 contact hours. The recommended delivery model includes three consecutive workshop days followed by one or two follow-up sessions.

Continuing Services

Following the completion of the workshops, ongoing support can be provided using one or more of the following formats: lesson study, video study groups, and/or individual or group coaching.