Rapid Inquiry-driven Change Cycle™ Method

Quickly build effective teacher collaboration for improvement of student outcomes

Our Rapid Inquiry-driven Change Cycle™ method (RICC) helps a school staff make swift and lasting improvement around a schoolwide instructional challenge. The RICC™ method emphasizes the building of shared leadership capacity to support effective teacher inquiry, reflection, and collaboration that produces high-impact instructional changes. School leadership teams guide the RICC™ method by defining instructional challenges and presenting data. Collaborative teacher teams adopt instructional strategies to address the learning challenges, assess student skills, and refine their teaching with peer support. Teams identify student progress and a new area of focus for the next cycle. Staff members see the rapid improvement students are able to achieve.


Our RICC™ method is an 8- to 12-week cycle. Leadership teams learn to lead this process in a 2-day workshop. RICC™ work is carried out in regularly scheduled teacher team meetings, with leader and Education Northwest support. This process is most effective when Education Northwest works with a school through at least two cycles.


Schools can expect measurable improvement in the identified learning challenge over the course of the RICC™ method, better collaboration, improved instruction, greater instructional leadership capacity, and a sense of teacher efficacy.