6+1 Trait® Writing Workshops


July 2015


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To better serve your needs in improving writing instruction, we can meet you where you are and provide onsite 6+1 Trait® Writing workshops for your teachers and school/district leaders. After this workshop, participants understand how to use our research-based, proven method to improve students’ writing skills.

Our most popular offering is the Introduction to the 6+1 Trait Writing Model. This workshop introduces your staff to our popular analytic model, and participants take away teaching strategies that help students identify quality in writing, manage their own writing process, practice effective revision and editing skills, and become confident writers.

In the three decades since we launched the powerful 6+1 Trait® Writing model, we’ve conducted hundreds of Traits workshops and used that experience to continuously improve our trainings. We’ve adapted the way we teach the Traits to the demands of the Common Core State Standards and other rigorous standards across subject areas and grade levels. We are also currently introducing Traits-focused scaffolds for educators who work with English learners and students with special needs.

In addition to our intro course, we also offer:

  • Introduction With a Focus on ELL, specialized needs, and gifted and talented writers
  • 6+1 Trait Writing for Content-Area Teachers
  • Advanced 6+1 Trait Writing
  • 6+1 Trait Writing for Implementation Leaders

All of our workshops can be delivered to specific grade-level groups, such as K–2, 3–5, 6–12, and customized for classroom, special education, and ELL teachers; literacy coaches and trainers; curriculum specialists; and school and district administrators. We tailor our workshops to meet individual school and/or district needs.

Participants in our workshops:

  • Explore proven teaching strategies and classroom-tested resources for each trait
  • Practice scoring student work samples using clearly defined rubrics to evaluate writing across "6+1" dimensions of performance (ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions, and presentation)
  • Plan detailed trait-writing instruction for specific grade levels
  • Learn to provide students with effective feedback using rubrics

Workshop Costs

For your workshop participants to fully be able to understand and implement the traits, we have created a three-day workshop for as many as 40 participants for a fixed price. When necessary due to tight budgets and timing, we can also deliver two- or one-day workshops to help you get the ball rolling.

  • One day: $5,050/day
  • Two days: $4,200/day
  • Three days or more: $3,950/day

Host sites also cover presenter travel expenses (usually $1,650–$2,400 depending on location and number of days) and participant material costs ($29 per person for handbook).

To answer your questions about costs and presenters, contact Mark Workman for more information.