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Crosswalk Between 6+1 Traits and CCSS English Language Arts Standards for Writing and Language

This Traits-Common Core State Standards (CCSS) crosswalk provides a side-by-side comparison between the content of the 6+1 Traits and the first three CCSS writing standards for grades 11–12, as well as for all six Language standards for the same grade span, where appropriate. We chose to focus on the first three Writing standards for this crosswalk because these standards address the three writing modes targeted by the CCSS for all grades: 1) argumentative, 2) informative/explanatory, and 3) narrative. We used the grades 11–12 standards for this document because they are the most detailed of all the grade-specific standards and therefore provide the most information for comparison. For the Conventions trait, as well as certain aspects of Word Choice, the CCSS Language standards for grades 11–12 provide a better point of comparison.

The text in the left-hand column of the crosswalk has been adapted from the 6+1 Traits six-point rubric for grades 3–12. The text in all right-hand columns has been adapted from the CCSS. The grade-specific details from the CCSS have been separated and arranged in rows to show how the content overlaps with content covered in the Traits.

The crosswalk demonstrates that:

  • The Traits show how to assess the quality of the writing outlined in the CCSS and monitor the growth of the student using the Traits rubrics.
  • The Traits focus upon universal features of quality writing applicable to all modes, all purposes, and all text types of writing, including the argumentative, informative and narrative modes that are the focus of the CCSS.
[file] Crosswalk Between 6+1 Traits and CCSS Writing and Language Standards.pdf