About Education Northwest

Our mission is to use evidence to help partners solve educational challenges and improve learning.

For more than 50 years Education Northwest has partnered with schools, districts, communities, and other partners to help all children and youth meet their full potential. We provide high-quality research, technical assistance, professional development, and evaluation services that address the most pressing education and youth-services needs in our region and across the country.

We start by listening. We take the time to understand the specific needs and local contexts of our partners, whether that’s a school district, a community-based organization, a state education agency, or a federal agency. This is about building a foundation of trust and shared purpose, which we believe is the best way to ensure that the work we conduct with you is relevant, timely, and actionable.

You got into education and youth services because you wanted to make a difference. So did we. We never forget that behind research and data there is always a human face—real people facing real challenges in an ever-changing world. When we partner with you, we bring not only our expertise but also our humanity.

Experience has taught us that making a difference is tough and everyone needs the right tools. We understand that the effort to improve student outcomes, create safer and more effective programs and services, and address inequities in the system must be rooted in the practical and the everyday. Whether you need a thorough and thoughtful evaluation of a program, relevant and effective professional development for your staff, access to high-quality research evidence, or consultation that is based on a deep respect and understanding of your local context, we can help. If you’re interested in building a better future for children and youth in the Northwest and beyond, then we’re interested in working with you. Together, we can make a difference.