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Whether you are new to teaching English learners or have years of experience, we have something for you. This page collects the best of the wisdom and classroom-ready resources that we have to offer from our deep experience working with schools and districts in the Northwest and beyond. Follow us on social media, and feel free to post our resources on Pinterest!


Standards guide teaching and learning. This means school systems must have high expectations for English learner students and engage them with compelling, grade-appropriate language and content. Education Northwest can help you build the capacity of teachers and administrators to set high standards for English learner students, support them, and ensure they can realize their full potential.

Program Evaluation

Understanding how your program is working is key to continuous improvement. We will partner with you to evaluate your English learner programs. As part of this process, we will examine various areas to answer important questions: How are your curricula implemented and your data gathered? What are your reclassification patterns? What supports are in place for newcomer students? Do English learner students and their families feel welcomed at your schools?

Professional Learning

Education Northwest has deep experience working with education systems to develop and implement professional learning tailored specifically to the needs of a school or district. The professional learning can be geared toward teachers, English language development specialists, or both, and it will focus on various topics, such as proficiency standards, shifts in instructional practices, and curriculum alignment.

Instructional Coaching

Education Northwest can assist your language development specialists and mainstream teachers with ongoing, focused instructional coaching. We take an asset-driven approach to coaching—we encourage teachers to leverage their skills to build capacity in the practices that will make a difference for English learner students, ultimately helping them make meaning of content and learn the academic language they need to succeed in school.


We can help you design English learner programs that both address the specific needs of your school or district and follow the requirements established in Castañeda v. Pickard (specifically, evidence-based programs for English language development and access to academic content). We also provide consultation services to help your team implement and evaluate English learner programs.


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Kelli shares deep experience in dual-language education and a passion for supporting emergent bilingual students. Her focus is in designing and facilitating professional learning, coaching and consulting for technical assistance. In the past, she served as a reading specialist and English learner teacher while also serving as a curriculum developer and facilitator.
Kelli Scardina; Senior Advisor
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