Native Education

American Indian and Alaska Native students often have unique needs that call for alternative approaches to narrowing opportunity and achievement gaps. Education Northwest is committed to partnering with Northwest tribes and Native educators to develop culturally relevant resources to incorporate into the curriculum. We are also committed to supporting your efforts to evaluate and scale up effective, culturally responsive strategies.

Program Evaluation

A fresh, independent evaluation of your programs, policies, or student outcomes is a powerful way to identify needs in your community or school district, make informed decisions, and start important conversations about equity. We regularly collaborate with tribes, districts, and nonprofits to develop and conduct evaluations of grant programs (e.g., grants through the federal Office of Indian Education, other federal grants, and state grants).

Technical Assistance

Culturally based education can enhance students’ motivation and build their self-esteem, while also promoting the engagement families, elders, and tribal members. Our staff has experience partnering with tribes to develop resources and curricula that reflect indigenous culture, traditions, and values. We can support state education agencies, school districts, and tribes as they work together to implement Indian Education curriculum mandates or modify existing curriculum to make it culturally relevant.

Tribal Consultation

The federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) stresses the importance of improving educational outcomes for American Indian and Alaska Native students. ESSA has created opportunities for tribes to work more closely with state and local education agencies in support of Native students. We can help you develop and implement a process for genuine and meaningful consultation and support you in preparing specific requests.



Photograph of Mandy Smoker Broaddus

Mandy Smoker Broaddus (Assiniboine and Sioux) has nearly 20 years of experience working toward social justice, equity, inclusivity, and cultural responsiveness, particularly in American Indian education. She has served at the tribal college, K-12, and state education agency levels in Montana. She received the 2015 National Indian Educator of the Year award and serves on the National Advisory Council on Indian Education.
Mandy Smoker Broaddus; Practice Expert
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Steven R. Nelson Native Educator Scholarship Program

The Steven R. Nelson Native Educator Scholarship Program seeks to increase the number of Alaska Native, American Indian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander students who pursue graduate degrees that will qualify them for careers in education policy, leadership, technical assistance, or research in the Northwest region.