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Havala Hanson

Havala's research interests include student pathways through high school, college, and the workforce; educator effectiveness; education systems and policies; and closing achievement and opportunity gaps. She contributes expertise in quantitative and mixed methods research and evaluation; increasing capacity for public education agencies to analyze data and use evidence to inform policy and program decisions; bringing together education stakeholders to develop systems that improve education for all students; and presenting salient and actionable results to school practitioners and system-level leaders. Prior to joining Education Northwest, she worked as a senior research analyst at the Center for Education Policy Research, housed at Harvard University. She holds a master’s degree in Urban Education Policy from Brown University and taught English and Spanish in Milwaukee Public Schools.

I work with the most talented, dedicated, and mission-driven people that I have ever encountered in my professional life.

Manager–Research Operations


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Uncovering and Addressing Gaps in Advanced Course Enrollment for English Learner Students


June 29th, 2017

A study found disparities in advanced course enrollment among students from different language groups. What can schools do to increase advanced course enrollment and success for English learners?