Jacqueline Raphael

Jacqueline manages the 6+1 Trait Writing program and serves as a lead on several school improvement projects. She also provides support for improvement efforts affecting K–16 classrooms, focusing on the role of professional learning teams and other educator communities of practice. Writing is very much a part of her life outside of work, too: She spends her spare time writing fiction and poetry.

I'm passionate about creating opportunities for educators to work together on increasing student engagement and achievement.

Blog Posts

New Lesson Study Tools for College Faculty


March 11th, 2021

Education Northwest and the Community College Research Center partnered with three community colleges to adapt lesson study, a professional development strategy proven to be effective in K–12 classrooms, to the postsecondary context.

Bridging the Distance: Three Ways Teachers Can Help Students Strengthen Their Writing Remotely


April 9th, 2020

Children typically learn best through a combination of whole-class, group, and individual learning activities—using a computer, if available, simply as a tool. But COVID-19 has turned our schools (and world) upside down, requiring many students to work primarily alone from home on a computer. In...

Teaching the Craft of Writing


July 17th, 2019

In a summer reflection blog post, Jacqueline Raphael discusses teaching students writing as a craft and how that might look in the classroom.

A Powerful Change Strategy


January 8th, 2019

Jacqueline Raphael highlights a set of best practices that emerging networks can follow and makes a case for using an experienced intermediary organization to serve as the network's “backbone.”

The District’s Role in School Improvement


September 27th, 2017

For districts, what's the sweet spot for balancing school improvement decision making? This reflection process will help refine your approach.

Putting Reading and Writing Together for Struggling Students


February 27th, 2017

When students are struggling in reading and writing, a promising approach is to emphasize the connections through strategies like sentence starters and mentor texts. Our author gives insights.

Increasing Standards-Based Assessment Scores by Improving Writing


December 8th, 2015

Jacqueline Raphael and Rhonda Barton look closely at the demands of the Common Core State Standards on student writing and show how a traits-based model for teaching writing can help educators meet the challenge.

Argument Writing as Dialogue in the Common Core


May 28th, 2015

Four years ago, when I taught first-year composition at Portland Community College, I remember working hard to focus my class on topics I felt would interest my students: how experts achieve excellence in their chosen fields, for example, and how to balance work, school, and personal life. My...

Shared Leadership in Action: An Evolution in School Improvement


February 19th, 2015

An important feature of Education Northwest’s Success Now! school improvement approach is the development of shared leadership throughout a school. Shared leadership does not minimize the need for a strong principal leader; rather, it adds to “leadership” the concept of creating the conditions for...